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Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles

World renowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, provides all the drums, experience, and team members to ensure your corporate, festival, or community drumming event will meet all your goals. Whether the event is for team building, stress relief, ice breakers, pep rallies, recreation, healing, education, or any other purpose, a Drum Magic Drum Circle is the best choice.

Jana Broder

Jana Broder, Drum Circle Facilitator and Founder of Drum Magic

Call: 888-504-3786


Business Rhythm at its Best!

Businesses that bring a shared corporate drumming experience into their Team Building activities benefit by having greater productivity, reduced stress, fewer absences, better communication, and a lower turnover rate. All that adds up to increased profits!

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Songs That Jana Sings

Songs That Jana Sings


Jana's New CD with the songs that she sings during her Drum Magic drumcircles is available for download or as a CD.

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A Few Drum Magic Clients

Help Support a Village in Ghana, Africa

Buy a drum from Drum magic and help support a small village in Africa

Buy a beautiful hand-carved djembe drum from Jana Broder of Drum Magic and help support a small village in Africa. All these drum are made by local villagers in Ghana from the African "Drum Tree," a renewable resource from the Ivory Coast.


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Drumming for...

  • Conferences

  • Team Building

  • Ice Breakers

  • Building Community

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Celebrations

  • Healing for Seniors

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Grieving, and more...

Jana Interview

Watch Jana's interview by Diego Waisman of

Jana Broder interview by Diego Waisman of Miami Drums

Drum Circle Team Members of Drum Magic

The Drum Magic Family is an ever-growing and unique community.

Over the years, with numerous drum circle facilitators, rhythm maker enthusiasts, friends, family, and helpers from around the world, Drum Magic has brought a sense of community and close friendship to all of its drum circles and its participants.

Owner, Drum Magic

In 1998, after 20 years as a corporate caterer in Atlanta, Ga, Jana Broder sold her business, her house, and her belongings, and moved to Northern California. It was there that she was introduced to the drum. The impact of community drumming seemed to take over her dreams as she began her new, yet unknown, future. After learning technique and skills from some of the best teachers in hand drumming, she moved to Central Florida to begin her new passion; Drum Magic.

In 2002, Drum Magic became a reality as a business in the Tampa Bay area. Drum Magic was her passion and she would share that with anyone that would listen. She joined her local Chamber of Commerce where she quickly earned Ambassador of the Year followed shortly by the Small Business Administrations award of Small Business of the Year. Her leadership in the community also shows up at the Tampa Metro YMCA, where she was awarded Volunteer of the Year and has served on their advisory board.

Jana Broder at Paralounge Drum Gathering

When Jana is not drumming, you’ll find her at her church, the waters of Tampa Bay.

Jana Broder on her sailboat, Moonshadow

She sails her little Compac Yacht, Moonshadow, as well as kayaks throughout the waterways of Tampa Bay.

Pierre Green

As an active boy, Pierre trained in martial arts since a young age. Then as an adult black belt, he taught classes for a number of years. However, music had always been an important aspect of his life. His study of dance began at age 11 in New York where he also discovered a love for African drums. He danced for the Apollo Theater and also studied dance while attending college.

Pierre Green, Drum Circle Facilitator with Drum Magic

After 25 years of banging on whatever he could, he began African djembe lessons with Jana in 2005. His love of drumming and dance quickly brought him to the center of the drum circle where he could share his enthusiasm with all.

Jason Isla

Jason has been playing music since childhood. Before focusing on hand drums he studied the piano, violin, and upright bass. When he was preparing for volunteer work in Zimbabwe 11 years ago he was first introduced to and overtaken by the djembe. It was in Africa where he was given the name Tawanda Moyo ne Matombo or “Tawa” for short.

Jason Isla

Jason has been mentored in drum circle facilitation by Jana Broder (Drum Magic) and trained with Kalani (Drum Circle Music). Outside of percussion, Jason spent years in the traditional and online classroom teaching various social studies subjects. His classroom experience directly serves his drum circle participants and his desire to share the joy of music making provides an infectious environment of fun.

“Tawa” has worked with talented musicians and dancers from a variety of styles and traditions: African percussion masters, club DJs, rock and reggae bands. He has developed a style that blends with all styles while adding his ’special spice’.

Giving World Percussion’s philosophy on community music was formed in Africa while sitting on a tall stack of stones overlooking the valley, paths, shops, and dirt roads of Chakonda, a small township in Zimbabwe. You might be playing a musical instrument, toe tapping through your office, or guiding an oxcart; Everyday we are creating music. All it takes is a few moments with your ears open to the world around. Variations of tones, pitches, emotions, and paces make life sound interesting and enjoyable!


Dave Holland

Dave is founder and primary performer and facilitator of all Beatin' Path programs and drum circles. Dave spreads the message of community, teamwork, diversity, and environmental awareness through rhythm based events. Dave leads regular drum circles at regional area schools, public housing communities, health fairs and festivals. Former clients include the Chattohoochee Valley Library's reading inititive program, Southeast Regional Hospice, Muscogee County School Administrators conference, Georgia's Early Childhood Educator's Conference, and the Southeast Regional Girl Scout Leadership convention. On stage, Dave is found in a number of musical settings, including world beat, jazz, orchestral and theatrical productions. Dave is the leading member of Ritmo Blu, a world percussion trio that performs at regional schools and festivals. Dave has traveled to Cuba, Africa, and Brazil to pursue his continuing education of the world's cultures and drumming traditions.

Dave Holland and Jana Broder

Dave has been a guest facilitator at the Percussive Arts Society's International Conference, the Georgia PAS Day of Percussion, is a graduate of the Village Music Circles Community Drum Facilitation Training, a Young Andiences, Woodruff Arts Center roster artist and a member of the Drum Circle Facilitator's Guild.


Greg Whitt

Greg “Djembe G” Whitt combines a passion for percussion, formal studies in communication, and a background in leadership and service to offer rhythm events for team-building, education, and wellness.


He founded the Raleigh Drum Circle in 2002 and has been facilitating community drumming events throughout the area for businesses, schools, festivals, and youth programs ever since.  Learn more at
Greg is a professional member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild and is a trained HealthRhythms facilitator.
Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is a native Atlantan and co-founder of Rhythm Synergy, who has been drumming since an early age.  Amy is passionate about drumming and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Combined with her love of drumming and nursing career of 27 years, she facilitates not only drum circles geared towards health and wellness but also education, teambuilding, special needs, seniors, celebrations, graduations, and community drum circles.  Amy also teaches traditional West African music specifically designed for the beginner drummer.    

Drum Magic Team Member Amy Jackson

Amy’s mission is to share her love and passion for drumming/rhythm making with others, to help guide people from all walks of life to find their own inherent rhythms, to lessen stress, to have fun, and to help bridge gaps between cultures by teaching traditional West African music from Guinea.  

She has studied drum circle facilitating for health and wellness with the renowned Christine Stevens and neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. of HealthRhythms, completed three workshops for drum circle facilitator training with renowned musician/facilitator, Kalani of DrumCircleMusic™ , and completed level I training with the father of drum circle facilitators and the drum circle movement, Arthur Hull Village MusicCircles ™. She has apprenticed with Jana Broder of DrumMagic™ and John Scalici of GetRhythm™.  She has been  a guest facilitation artist with Arthur Hull at drumStrong ™, and an invited guest facilitator with John Scalici, Jana Broder, and Dave Holland of Beatin' Path™ at other rhythm based events.
She perfoms with an all women’s percussion ensemble, ConunDrums, and a diverse group playing traditional West African music, Ten Blocks Away.

She has studied West African Music with master drummers Mamady Keita, founder of Tam Tam Mandingue, Famaoudou Konate, and Fode Camara all from Guinea, West Africa. She is currently a student studying traditional West African music with Bill Scheidt of Living Rhythms™, a professor of the international West African drumming school, Tam Tam Mandingue. She has studied the djembe with various renowned percussionists in the Atlanta area, Chuck Cogliandro, Aly Camara, Colleen Caffrey and Tom Harris. She is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild and the Percussive Arts Society.


Susan Petrie

Susan is passionate about sharing rhythm and drumming with people of all walks of life.  While exploring the field of drum circle facilitation she has mentored with Jana Broder (Drum Magic), John Scalici (Get Rhythm), Greg Whitt (Oak City Drums), and Matt Savage (Rhythm Alive).  She has also studied under Kalani (Drum Circle Music).

Drum Magic Team Member Susan Petrie

Her love of hand drumming intensified while learning traditional West African drumming from her Raleigh instructor, Ronnie Pulley (Drums on Fire and Rhythmicity performance group).  She soon after became a member of Rhythmicity and entered into a 2 year instructor training program with Bill Scheidt (Living Rhythms, Tam Tam Mandinque Winston Salem, NC) along with a small group of skilled and diverse hand drummers from around the region.   Bill is a professor of, and works closely with, Mamady Keita, world known master djembefola. 

Ronnie and Susan have since discovered the value and benefits of rhythm sharing and development in the community, and have facilitated interactive events for companies like United Way, Hospice, North Hills, INC. as well as fun community events, and for people in need.  Susan is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild and continues to develop ways to serve her community through beneficial and fun rhythm events.


Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler, owner of 007 Computer Services, began working with computers in 1978 and has been involved with cutting edge technology ever since. In 1996 he started working with the internet and as a great fan of Babatunde Olatunji and Mickey Hart, Rob already knew that somehow drums and drum circles would be a big part of what he was to do on the web.

Rob Fowler of 007 Computer Services is Drum Magic's webmaster

In 2004 Rob was introduced to Jana Broder and soon took on her Drum Magic website as an important project. A powerful connection between Rob and Jana developed immediately. Since then the site has gone through many changes and has grown to be what it is today as a valuable tool and resource for both Jana and her ever growing list of satisfied clients.

Rob is currently living in Gulfport, Florida and has created the most comprehensive Gulfport website on the internet,

Rob's long-term dream is to create a live online drum-circle that will be accessable world-wide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as humans survive on this beautiful planet. Any person who has internet access could tune in and drum along from anywhere in the world and for the first time since the dawn of man, there will be a common global beat shared by all people from all places.


Home Team Member Bios

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