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Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles

World renowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, provides all the drums, experience, and team members to ensure your corporate, festival, or community drumming event will meet all your goals. Whether the event is for team building, stress relief, ice breakers, pep rallies, recreation, healing, education, or any other purpose, a Drum Magic Drum Circle is the best choice.

Drum Magic with Cancer Survivors at Faces of Courage - 2010

Cancer survivors celebrating life and drumming with Jana Broder of Drum Magic at Camp Faces of Courage. 

Five times a year Jana brings her drums and her special Drum Magic to Rotary's Camp Florida in Brandon for Camp Faces of Courage "Providing life enriching experiences to children and families touched by cancer."

Jana Broder

Jana Broder, Drum Circle Facilitator and Founder of Drum Magic

Call: 888-504-3786


Business Rhythm at its Best!

Businesses that bring a shared corporate drumming experience into their Team Building activities benefit by having greater productivity, reduced stress, fewer absences, better communication, and a lower turnover rate. All that adds up to increased profits!

Corporate Drum Magic Informational Video

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Corporate Drum Magic
Informational Video


Songs That Jana Sings

Songs That Jana Sings


Jana's New CD with the songs that she sings during her Drum Magic drumcircles is available for download or as a CD.

Click here for more info!

Help Support a Village in Ghana, Africa

Buy a drum from Drum magic and help support a small village in Africa

Buy a beautiful hand-carved djembe drum from Jana Broder of Drum Magic and help support a small village in Africa. All these drum are made by local villagers in Ghana from the African "Drum Tree," a renewable resource from the Ivory Coast.


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Photos of the Drum Magic Family

View some photos of the
Drum Magic Family!

View photos of the Drum Magic Team

Kids Letters to Drum Magic

Check out a few letters sent to Jana from kids who have drummed with Drum Magic in schools!

Kids Letters to Drum magic


Drumming for...

  • Conferences

  • Team Building

  • Ice Breakers

  • Building Community

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Celebrations

  • Healing for Seniors

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Grieving, and more...

Kids Love Drumming

Drumming brings joy to those who particpate.

Teens find a sense of belonging in a drum circle.

Community Drumming
  • Schools   ( 5 Articles )

    Drum Magic offers half day and full day interactive "hands on" educational and fun drum circle experiences in the classrooms.

    Check our Yahoo calendar for availability.

    Hillsborough County Public Schools contact the Arts in Education program by clicking this link:

    Teachers in an eductaional drum circle session at Cleveland Elementary School in Tampa, FL
    Teachers in an educational drum circle session at Cleveland Elementary School in Tampa, FL

    Philip Shore Magnet School has been ranked one of the top three magnet schools in the nation.

    Jana Broder and Drum Magic teach a weekly drum class at Philip Shore Magnet for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

    Their World Drumming Program has helped Philip Shore Magnet School in Ybor City, Florida, to become one of the highest ranked Magnet School in the United States. Jana Broder and Drum Magic teach a weekly drum class at Philip Shore Magnet for third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Philip Shore Magnet School, 2007

    Lopez Elementary School - Attractor Program 2007

    "There's only one way to carry a drum.
    Hug it like you love it and put your chin on top."

  • Seniors   ( 0 Articles )

    Senior drumming
    awakens and enlightens anyone who has ever
    witnessed the transformation.

    Physical limitations do not seem to matter with drumming.

    Seniors that have been stripped of their ability to move as they once did, think as they once did, or have fun as they once did, are profoundly affected by the drum.

    Memory is stimulated, warmth returns to their hands, motion becomes less labored and smiles appear upon the faces of all that participate.

    The vibration of the drum alone is extremely healing no matter how hard one plays it.

    Jana and her Dad

  • Rehabilitation   ( 3 Articles )
  • Pep Rallies   ( 2 Articles )

    Team spirit is becoming harder and harder to bring together. Students seem too busy to come to the same old pep rally or bonfire.

    Drum Magic makes the usual pep rally a thing of the past. If you are having trouble finding a way to bring your students, faculty, and staff together for an exciting event that they will actually remember and love, you have now found it. Itʼs called Drum Magic.

    Drum Circles at Pep Rallies

    Drum Magic brings hundreds of drums to your school and facilitates a Pep Rally that you wonʼt soon forget. We can Emcee the whole program or just add drumming into the mix. Drumming is a great way to express excitement and creativity.

    Drumming is also an excellent stress relief, and amazingly fun.

    Call for your price quote today and have Drum Magic lift the spirit in your school to miraculous heights.


  • Bereavement   ( 3 Articles )

    Camp Brave Heart Bereavement Camp Drum Circle 

    Drum Magic drums with people who have lost loved ones at bereavement camps.  

    Grieving children at Camp Brave Heart Bereavement Drum Circle

    It is moving to see sadness and loneliness turn into smiles.

    Drumming eases the pain and loneliness after losing a loved one

    Nothing can take away the pain of losing a close friend or family member, but drumming can certainly remind us that we are not alone in this world and can help bring a smile to our faces even in the saddest of times.

    Drumming helps ease the pain and loneliness of losing a loved one

  • Scouts   ( 1 Article )
Home Services Offered Community Drumming

Drum Magic - A fun and cutting edge team building and stress relief drum circle experience used effectively in a variety of corporate and community environments
for synchronization of thought processes, intuitive development, stress release, and the dissolving of racial, cultural, gender and age barriers.

Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles with Jana Broder and Drum Magic

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