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Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles

World renowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, provides all the drums, experience, and team members to ensure your corporate, festival, or community drumming event will meet all your goals. Whether the event is for team building, stress relief, ice breakers, pep rallies, recreation, healing, education, or any other purpose, a Drum Magic Drum Circle is the best choice.

Business Rhythm at its Best!

Businesses that bring a shared corporate drumming experience into their Team Building activities benefit by having greater productivity, reduced stress, fewer absences, better communication, and a lower turnover rate. All that adds up to increased profits!

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Songs That Jana Sings

Songs That Jana Sings


Jana's New CD with the songs that she sings during her Drum Magic drumcircles is available for download or as a CD.

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Help Support a Village in Ghana, Africa

Buy a drum from Drum magic and help support a small village in Africa

Buy a beautiful hand-carved djembe drum from Jana Broder of Drum Magic and help support a small village in Africa. All these drum are made by local villagers in Ghana from the African "Drum Tree," a renewable resource from the Ivory Coast.


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Photos of the Drum Magic Family

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Drum Magic Family!

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Drumming for...

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  • Team Building

  • Ice Breakers

  • Building Community

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Celebrations

  • Healing for Seniors

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Grieving, and more...

Susan Petrie

Susan is passionate about sharing rhythm and drumming with people of all walks of life.  While exploring the field of drum circle facilitation she has mentored with Jana Broder (Drum Magic), John Scalici (Get Rhythm), Greg Whitt (Oak City Drums), and Matt Savage (Rhythm Alive).  She has also studied under Kalani (Drum Circle Music).

Drum Magic Team Member Susan Petrie

Her love of hand drumming intensified while learning traditional West African drumming from her Raleigh instructor, Ronnie Pulley (Drums on Fire and Rhythmicity performance group).  She soon after became a member of Rhythmicity and entered into a 2 year instructor training program with Bill Scheidt (Living Rhythms, Tam Tam Mandinque Winston Salem, NC) along with a small group of skilled and diverse hand drummers from around the region.   Bill is a professor of, and works closely with, Mamady Keita, world known master djembefola. 

Ronnie and Susan have since discovered the value and benefits of rhythm sharing and development in the community, and have facilitated interactive events for companies like United Way, Hospice, North Hills, INC. as well as fun community events, and for people in need.  Susan is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild and continues to develop ways to serve her community through beneficial and fun rhythm events.



Drum Magic - A fun and cutting edge team building and stress relief drum circle experience used effectively in a variety of corporate and community environments
for synchronization of thought processes, intuitive development, stress release, and the dissolving of racial, cultural, gender and age barriers.

Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles with Jana Broder and Drum Magic

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