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Feb 18

Corporate Drum Circles, Festival Drum Circles, and Community Drum Circles

World renowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, provides all the drums, experience, and team members to ensure your corporate, festival, or community drumming event will meet all your goals. Whether the event is for team building, stress relief, ice breakers, pep rallies, recreation, healing, education, or any other purpose, a Drum Magic Drum Circle is the best choice.

Jana Broder

Jana Broder, Drum Circle Facilitator and Founder of Drum Magic

Call: 888-504-3786


Business Rhythm at its Best!

Businesses that bring a shared corporate drumming experience into their Team Building activities benefit by having greater productivity, reduced stress, fewer absences, better communication, and a lower turnover rate. All that adds up to increased profits!

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Songs That Jana Sings

Songs That Jana Sings


Jana's New CD with the songs that she sings during her Drum Magic drumcircles is available for download or as a CD.

Click here for more info!

A Few Drum Magic Clients

Help Support a Village in Ghana, Africa

Buy a drum from Drum magic and help support a small village in Africa

Buy a beautiful hand-carved djembe drum from Jana Broder of Drum Magic and help support a small village in Africa. All these drum are made by local villagers in Ghana from the African "Drum Tree," a renewable resource from the Ivory Coast.


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Kids Letters to Drum Magic

Check out a few letters sent to Jana from kids who have drummed with Drum Magic in schools!

Kids Letters to Drum magic


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Property Management Retreat Team Building with Contravest

Drum Magic~Superior Execution, Amazing, Fun, and Truly Unforgettable!!!


Jana your passion for DRUMMING energized us ALL! 
You couldn’t have given us a more Powerful experience collaborating together. 

You led us through an experience we will never forget, teaching the core truth of teams: together we are greater than one.

together we are greater than one.

Drum Magic~Superior Execution, Amazing, Fun, and Truly Unforgettable!!!

We will be calling you again!

From all of us at ContraVest Management, Thank YOU!

Leadership Tampa Class of 2017 Opening Retreat Drum Circle

Thank you so much for your participation in the Leadership Tampa Class of 2017 Opening Retreat.  I have never participated in a drum circle before and it was simply amazing.  Everyone had a wonderful time and we have heard nothing but praise.

I look forward to working with you again in the future!

MaryBeth Williams
Senior Director, Leadership Programs
Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

"Safe and Sound and Happy" - Drumming with Advanced Prosthetics, Inc.

"Amputees Serving Amputees"

We had an awesome time and have already have some really positive feedback from some of our employees.

Hard to put into words how we feel about drumming with Jana.  I was skeptical the first time I did it, but no more!  I enjoyed it so much I invited her to our company retreat for my employees as a team building exercise and to get them to do something new and fun as well.  The anxiety on their faces soon turned into smiles and laughter.  We connected on a different level and had a blast doing it.  Jana is awesome!!

Thanks so much for coming-it was really incredible.  Talk to you soon!

Miriam Peters, CEO
Advanced Prosthetics, Inc.
"Amputees Serving Amputees"

The Rhythm of Life session at the Caregiver Forum - Share the Care, Inc.

Dear Jana,

On behalf of the staff, clients and their families at Share the Care, Inc. thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at the Caregiver Forum.

We tallied the break out evaluations and your session, The Rhythm of Life, was a great success! One of the attendees even commented on how it was their favorite breakout session from the entire event. In general, all of the comments were extremely positive and the attendees really enjoyed your session.

Thank you again and we are grateful for your involvement in this year's Caregiver Forum.

Mary Ellen Philbin
Chief Executive Officer

Team Building Event - US Military Base

The BEST team building activity this organization has had.  No other event has generated such positive enthusiasm in the workplace than a Drum Magic session.

Tiffany Morgan

Vistage International Spousal Retreat Drum Circle

What a wonderful weekend!

The feedback from the group at our spousal retreat was awesome.

The comments were “pure fun”, “out of the box”, and “a wonderful surprise”.

From my prospective the greatest benefit was the “bringing together of the group”.

Having fun with the group is something we do often but with the spouses it was truly special.

The group shared with me that they liked the fact that you “joined the group for the weekend”.

Keep up your good work and I hope you become a part of the Vistage Nation.

Warm Regards,

Ken Smith, Vistage Chair

Moffitt Cancer Center Team-Building Event


On behalf of our entire department, we would like to thank you for the drumming event.  We enjoyed it tremendously.

We appreciate you making our team-building event one that we will never forget.

Chasene Pace

Active Adults Drum Circle at Freedom Village

Many Thanks for your Gift to Me

Hello Jana.

Debbie Grubb here.  I attended your Drum Magic event yesterday at Freedom Village.  I had such a splendid time.  Your gesture of kindness in gifting me with the beautiful little drum touched my heart in a very meaningful way.  

I am working on ridding my life of all toxic things and on developing my listening, meditating and peace drawing in skills.  I am now adding a bit of time with your little drum to my daily meditation.  When I touch it, your kindness comes into my soul.  I know that that kindness will remain in my little drum for as long as I am here to play it and enjoy it.

I wish you continued blessings and rewarding spiritual journeys as you take your Drum Magic around this country.

You can know that you brought much joy and pleasure to those of us here at Freedom Village when you were among us yesterday.

Peace and joy,

Debbie Grubb

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Tampa Opening Retreat

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce has used Jana for 4 years now during our Leadership Tampa opening retreat. She does an amazing job! The drum session is set up as a surprise for the class members. Jana comes to the reception and “drums” the group outside to drum during sunset.

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Tampa

Here are some of Tampa’s finest leader’s thoughts on the experience:

  • Leadership often requires that individuals travel to the uncomfortable...that described many of us...Drum Magic made us more comfortable.
  • Great way to break the ice in a social setting.nexpected and fun. I discovered I am a really good drummer :-)
  • Didn't get it at first but it truly was a great (and different) team activity.This was, by far, my favorite event. Very unique.
  • Both energizing and relaxing. 
  • Relaxing, yet invigorating, no idea we would be dancing!
  • This was a fun activity that got people in a relaxed happy mood. I really enjoyed it. 
  • Very enjoyable.  Liked how it brought some people out of their element.  Also, continued to focus on building team concept.
  • I've never done anything like that before.  Very enjoyable. 
  • Message of connecting on a human level and the listen/response vs react was impactful.
  • Innovative, bonding and memorable
  • Very interesting team building concept. I'm thinking about implementing it in my business.
  • Really engaging and demonstrates the importance of listening.  Will definitely recommend back at work.
  • The drum circle was so much fun! As a musical person it was something that I had never experienced previously.
  • It was a neat experience to help pull people out of their shell or seats.  

TROC Global Team Building Exercise

TROC Global

I wanted to thank you again for helping us out with the Drum Magic event last week.  The team was delighted with the team-building exercise and, as you can only imagine, we kept it a surprise which created that element of anxiety of what that activity would entail.  They were really pleased and had nothing but great things to say about you and the magic of the drums.

Thanks again,
Maylen Santana, M.S.
Director of People Operations

Corporate Leadership Meeting for CyberSource Latin America and VISA International

Hi Jana,

First if all, THANKS A MILLION for such a wonderful experience!  It was really an incredible experience and as you heard directly from the team, everybody felt super energized and extremely motivated, happy and more engaged!  THANKS again!

Best Regards,

Julio La Riva | Finance and Sales Operations Director LAC - CyberSource Latin America

Student Letter from Apollo Beach Elementary

Student Letter from Apollo Beach Elementary

  1. Drumming makes me forget of moments I get in trouble.

  2. Drumming makes my nightmares go away.

  3. Drumming makes me happy when I am sad.

  4. Drumming helps me behave.

  5. Drumming makes me love myself.

NOTE by Drum Magic:

This letter expresses how a young child's fears, anxieties, and insecurities went away while drumming with Drum Magic. These exact same feelings, although may be expressed differently, are shared by adults.

Fears, anxieties, and insecurities prevent one from reaching their full potential as an individual and also as a member of a team. In fact, they are possibly the hardest barriers to success to overcome for children and adults. Drumming breaks down those barriers and releases the full potential for individuals and teams alike.

Even without reading the countless research papers and results of studies that demonstrate the magical power that drumming has to reduce fear, anxiety, and insecurities in people of all ages, we know this is true by seeing and experiencing it every day. Our letters and testimonials are just a hint at the numerous benefits our drum circle participants enjoy.

Team Building Activity for Johnson & Johnson


Mike Cicciu, Johnson & Johnson Sales Director, Full Service Broker said, “I thought the session was very valuable in that it linked perfectly to the momentum theme and resulted in high levels of engagement and energy by each participant.  It was a real team building activity!

Also, below are the survey results / feedback:

  • Loved this activity, very creative and team buliding. Lots of smiles in the room!
  • The perfect beginning to the day! I thought the drum activity was very creative and unique. It will definitely stand out.Felt this was a very cool team activity with some great messages. 
  • A highlight, for sure.
  • Teamwork is key
  • The drums were a great way to start the day and gain some momentum!!!! A lot of fun!
  • Was definitely something different and was an activity that was easy and fun for everyone and built a sense of unity in the room.
  • Enegized Great team building activity Perfect timing to have it
  • Session was great fun
  • Tough to top that one. It really got everyone pumped up
  • Very creative and so much fun with an underlying message of teamwork.

Dollywood's Festival of Nations - 2015


"Jana and Drum Magic was amazing this weekend at Dollywood. Our 3 year old daughter, Savannah, who has Down syndrome, had a great time dancing and going around and playing everyone's drum on the first day at the end of one of their shows. We went back the next day for the entire show, and it was so much fun. Jana and Drum Magic showed our daughter love and respect that we will never forget. They allowed her to participate and be a part of the show that day. We will never forget how accepting they were with Savannah. We hope to be able to cross paths in the future."

Jet Blue "You're a Star" Team Building Drum Circle Testimonial

Dear Jana -

Thank you so much for the amazing job you and your team did celebrating our one year anniversary.  While the theme for our event was "You're a Star" denoting individualism, it take all of us to be a success.  You and your team absolutely delivered that message in a fun manner that created a bonding moment for everyone.  It was incredible to see everyone's faces light up with excitement, happiness, joy and engagement.  You captured their attention and their imaginations, and taught them along the way.  Not an easy feat!  

Drum Circle with Jet Blue Crewmembers

In the days since our event, I've been approached by members of my team and other leaders in our organization to talk all about Drum Magic, and how wonderful the drums were.  In our new class of students still in training, after completing a stressful job bearing assessment, the class drummed collective "heartbeats" on their desk to celebrate their success!  I've even seen FaceBook posts referencing the great fun dancing to cheeseburgers and fries.

Thank you for all you did to create not just an experience, but a cherished memory, and contributing to our culture.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Kind Regards,


Shauntel Lizzarazo
Manager, Reservations
JetBlue Airways

Drum Circle with Jet Blue Crewmembers

Jana -

Thank you so much for this evening and your kind words.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to get to work with such incredible people every day!

I'd be honored to write a testimonial for Drum Magic! My Crewmembers were WOWED by their experience tonight.

Thank you for your leap of faith and helping me create a memorable evening.

All my best!


Drum Magic Kicking off Lights at Night at Culture Fest!

Hi Jana,
Oh my goodness, it was an absolute hit!! Your team is amazing!

THANK YOU so much for putting the drum circle together!!!

Below is our testimonial:

Drum Magic is absolutely fantastic! They participated in the inaugural year of Culture Fest and the audience LOVED the energy, rhythm, music and of course, drums! The ability to see a community come together from all different walks making music is a priceless experience! I would recommend Drum Magic over and over again!


Drum Magic Kicking off Lights at Night at Culture Fest!
Parkinson's Support Group Drum Circle

Jana - You are an amazing lady!  I cannot thank you enough for the fun we had on Monday with the Parkinson's group.  You have no idea the miracles that occurred.  People who barely move were wrapping their legs around those drums, and beating on those drums.  People who barely talk were singing along.  And when you asked them to shake out their hands and raise their arms, they did - every single one of them!  And people who rarely smile couldn't stop smiling.  I was overjoyed watching everyone and marveling at their joy.  And I was so glad that you insisted that Joan stay, she needed that escape so badly.

It's really hard to express my gratitude to you, except to say that you made a room full of people happy and able to forget their problems for a while, and I still can't get over how proud I am of every single one of them.  Most don't participate in things easily, so it's a big credit to you for your leadership and wonderful personality. 

I look forward to booking your services again, hopefully sooner than next October, but we'll see. 

You made my heart happy!

Thanks again Jana,

Karen Troutner
Parkinson's Support Group

Memory Care Grand Opening Drum Circle at Superior Residences of Clermont

We were so thankful to be able to have Drum Magic out to our Memory Care Grand Opening.  Music is the universal language & it truly shows through this experience.  Jana was amazing in scheduling, rescheduling, & coming all the way from Tampa to accommodate us in Clermont.  This is a very unique experience that needs to be shared with others!  We are in huge support of what she does & how she does it.  She is defiantly worth booking & is HIGHLY recommended.  Everyone in Clermont is still talking about “the drum lady”.  

Jana, thank you so much!  You are so awesome!  

Lindsay Finkbeiner
Senior Solutions Director

Live the Moment… Love the Moment

Superior Residences of Clermont

Leadership Tampa Team Building at the Sheraton on Sand Key

LT'15 Best class and best drum circle ever!

Hi Jana,
I just want to personally thank you and your colleague for taking us around the world in a few hours back on the evening of September 11th at the Sheraton Sand Key. Thank you for leading us through some fun, relaxing, team building, skill building, and attention getting exercises with our drums.  It was a great evening.  Thanks for setting the stage perfectly. I know that is hard work and evidenced by the sweat equity you both put in.

Thank you greatly!

Assistant Vice President, Global Seminars
AACSB International

Annual Retreat Drumming with the Athena Society-St Pete

"Who's Who" Women of Tampa
Vinoy Resort, St. Petersburg - July 18, 2014


I can't thank you enough! 

I could see a lot of reticence as the ladies approached the drums - they shared it later.  But afterward, just about everyone was ecstatic (always a few we know) about the experience and kept talking about how much fun it was.  

My favorite one, I had the woman share again at this morning's meeting.  She said "I have never in the history of Athena seen this group TAKE ORDERS from anyone - all at one time and together, and it was a historical, powerful moment for all of us"

Doesn't get better than that.

Thanks for adding such a powerful dimension to our "retreat."

Hope our paths cross again soon.

Renee Vaughn -
Product Launch Opener with GE Inspection Technologies

Syracuse, NY - July 8, 2014

Jana, you truly made the day. I can't thank you enough for all you and your team did.

You all exceeded our highest expectations and we're GE...the bar is high


WellDyneRx Annual Team Meeting, Westgate River Ranch Resort


Wanted to send a big THANK YOU for coming to our yearly team meeting.  Overwhelmingly, the drum circle was the highlight of the week.  And the smiles carried over to the next day when we were all back in the office.  Things seemed to go smoother and spirits were still high.

Can’t thank you enough for teaching us how to drum and playing a huge part in moving us forward as a team.


Alex Walters
Associate Director of Client Services, Government Programs

Leadership Tampa Drum Circle at Sand Key

Hi Jana, I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for leading a great activity for Leadership Tampa this past week at Sand Key. 

I've had the opportunity to participate in a smaller drum circle with you once before and I have to say this is by far one of the most fun team building things I've done. 

You have a great way of getting people out of their comfort zones and opening their minds to something new.  We had a blast! 

Many Thanks, Dawn

Dawn Philips
Tampa Advertising Manager
Tampa Bay Times

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for leading the Drum Circle event at the Sheraton Sand Key last week.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music and fellowship and you were a big part of the reason it was so wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with the Leadership Tampa class of 2014. I will definitely keep you in my for future events!

All the best,

Suzanne Mintz
Senior Manager, Accreditation Services
AACSB International -The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

I would like to thank you for the incredible experience I had doing the Drum Circle you lead.  What an amazing feeling and I truly was uplifted from the time I started as compared to the end.

Definitely some aspects were outside of my comfort zone, but you and your colleagues made it feel so easy and natural.

This is something that I will never forget and I will continue to rave about the experience.

Thank you

Brian K. Hanrahan MBA, Senior Associate
Mercer Health & Benefits 

I want to thank you for leading us in the Drum circle at our leadership retreat.  Everytime I go past something that looks remotely like a drum now, I have to show off my new “talent”.  Well, at least I think it’s a talent.  It was also fun, watching everyone touch their hands together the next morning….no one felt it until that moment.  Wow, what an impact!

Thanks again!

Susan Maurer
Vice President
Commercial Lending

Drumming for Recreational Therapy at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services

They want you to come back every day!! 

Everyone loves you and your energy; They talk about the experience for weeks.

So many of our clients have talked about what a positive outlet drumming is for their frustration. Others state they are able to set aside their depression and problems during the session, which is monumental for some that have not been able to focus on any activity or group because of their symptoms. I could blab forever. :)

We honestly have new clients come in all the time asking me about the drumming, so by word of mouth from staff and previous clients; your company has become a part of our program everyone looks forward too!

Faces of Courage Cancer Camp Drum Circle

Just wanted to thank you!

I attended a drum circle at the Faces of Courage Cancer Camp. I loved the drum circle. You asked to change something about yourself and I asked God to take away hate out of my heart towards someone in my life. It worked! Best day ever!

Leadership Tampa Class of 2014 Opening Retreat


I can't thank you enough for the powerful drum circle we had at the Leadership Tampa Class of 2014 Opening Retreat.

As I have spoken to class members, they have repeatedly said that it was their favorite part of the retreat.  As Chair – every bit of feedback is so important and I'm thrilled (mostly because it is one of my favorites, too).

Again, many thanks!

Warm Regards,
Renée Vaughn

Home Depot Team Building Drum Circle

The feedback from associates this morning is off the charts. 

Everyone had a fabulous time last night. 

Can’t thank you enough!!!

Pace Center for Girls - Spirited Girls™ Curriculum

Stress was banished and spirits soared as PACE Center for Girls, Inc. staff and students spent the Friday afternoon with world renowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, and the staff of Drum Magic.

This special experience was organized by PACE Counselor, Holly Harris, who performs drum circles and Native American flute circles as part of PACE’s gender based Spirited Girls™ Curriculum. The event was graciously hosted by Christ Presbyterian Church of Ormond Beach, and donated by a generous PACE supporter, Lisa Perez, of Melbourne and the kindness of Drum Magic.  

Participating in the drum circle was the personification of that philosophy.  Hands and hearts beat in seeming effortless harmony and rhythm, faces were uplifted, smiles abounded, and voices chanted and sang.  Bodies floated up from seats as if called by a muse and the dancing began.  Even the shyest girl was set free to dance in the center of the group due to the collective encouragement and support of her peers.

In that drum circle, for one afternoon, you could make no mistakes, you were never alone, you were upheld by one another and liberated from the worries and cares of the world.  Many of our valiant young women carry burdens and wounds that would crush most adults.  It was so powerful to see them expressing themselves with such confidence, contentment and freedom. 

– Julie Barrow, Intake Counselor.

Drumming quiets the mind, soothes the heart and calms the spirit. Drumming is like an active meditation that helps the body, mind and spirit connect and relax. 

Seeing our girls and staff drum together has reminded me of the power we have when working together as a team.  Also, I am moved by how creating an environment of unconditional acceptance, support and fun can help us to heal emotionally and to feel comfortable in our individuality. That is what Pace is all about!

– Holly Harris, Counselor, Musician and Event Organizer

I liked experiencing the sound my hands made while beating on the drum.  I made music I didn’t know I could make. It was peaceful and makes you feel better as a person.

– Gabby, Student

When you are beating on the drums you are relieving yourself of your stress.  It felt really good and really soothing. 

– Felicity, Student

* Testimonials from:

Howey-In-The-Hills Drum Circle

The Drum Magic circle at the school in Howey-In-The-Hills today was absolutely amazing.

What a gorgeous, primal, supercharging and purifying blast of energy. It was pure bliss, emotional freedom, and total enjoyment.

My spirit feels healed. THANK YOU!!!

Telefónica Global Solutions Team Building Activity


The feedback that I got was: “The best team building activity I’ve ever been to”.

And that was unanimous!

Kudos to you and your team for being so engaging, energetic, exciting and inspiring.

Thanks again!

Leadership Conference Opener - Laureate Education

Hi Jana,
Thank you for a wonderful conference opener.  Your preparation, coaching, and execution were terrific.

Wishing you the best and hoping that our paths cross again!

- sherine

Thank you "Paula look alike"! You did a great job!! Our Leaders loved it!!


Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Tampa 2 Day Retreat Activity

Hi Jana:

This response and thank you is tardy but is no less sincere.  Thank you so much for making our surprise such a special one!  We had many skeptics in the room when we started but everyone absolutely loved it!  Your activity got very high remarks and helped to shape what was a very successful Leadership Tampa 2 day retreat.  I will certainly give your name and company to anyone I know looking for a fun and awesome team activity.

Thank you, thank you, thank you  again!!!

My best,
Lorrie G. Hero
Director of Leadership Programs

Drum Circle Team Building in Tampa

Oh Jana!

They absolutely loved it! I have gotten really great feedback from the staff!

Many said they entered with great trepidation but once it started they really had a good time and forgot they were even at work for an hour. Thank you so much for your time. It was truly a great gift to give the staff.


The Masterpiece Living Lyceum - Innovative Conference Session

The Masterpiece Living Lyceum sets the bar for adult learning environments and “walks the talk” by imparting knowledge and discussion with strong doses of fun. The Masterpiece Living event team has a flare for finding innovative conference sessions. This year’s Lyceum participants were both the performers and the audience.

Jana Broder, founder and owner of Drum Magic, addressed the group from the center of the circle and shared Drum Magic’s evolution from her early “gigs” in the senior communities. Jana’s innovative facilitation to the senior communities taught her that this population is profoundly affected by drumming. At any age, drumming releases limitations and inhibitions – awakening the hidden universal rhythm within.

Jana exuded a contagious joy and love for her art as she demonstrated sounds in bite size pieces that can be learned by any first time drummer. Each person mirrored his/her beats on an African drum called a “djembe” which is covered with goat skin and designed for hand drumming.

Jana encouraged her drum circle performers to “listen” and “turn your brain off.” She led the group by saying, “My turn, your turn,” making it very easy for everyone to learn the base, rim and slap beats. Jana’s mastery, patience, and humor accommodate all learning styles.

Participants beamed with joy as they heard the powerful expression of their own music. The Djembe’s various tones can be very loud or very quiet – the drummer is the artist. Each drummer’s beating, slapping, and striking contributed to the unified sound that resonated in the room. Jana overlaid African songs and drum solos to the multi-dimensional harmonic drumming.

Exuberant participants spontaneously joined Jana in the center of the circle to dance. Jana led a round – one side of the room played their beat pattern, and the second side of the room came in on her queue. Jana enthusiastically conducted the interplay of soft and loud drumming.

In recent years, the ancient custom of drumming circles has gained increased popularity. Drumming is a creative experience that engages groups to work together as well as being physically and intellectually stimulating. As a result of the Lyceum experience, three communities are now integrating drum circles into their programming.

Relaxing into the music allows the body to hear and feel the rhythm and the vibration of sound allowing the stress and tension of the day to melt away. The Masterpiece Living Lyceum “walks the talk.” Performer/audience comes together as one.



Big Cat Rescue Annual Fur Ball Gala

Hi Jana,

I hope this note finds you and your family looking forward to a holiday season filled with much comfort and quality of life. 

Most importantly, on behalf of the 100+ magnificent animals who call Big Cat Rescue home, I wanted to personally thank you for helping to make the 2009 Fur Ball a roaring success!

The final numbers are in.  Thanks to your generous donation to, and participation in our annual gala, we raised approximately $90,000!

I thought you might enjoy viewing some of the podcasts and photos of the evening’s festivities at:

It is only by working “hand in hand” with like-minded friends such as you that Big Cat Rescue can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of the sanctuary’s animals as well as those around the world.

With appreciation for all that you have and continue to do for the animals,


Jeff Kremer
Director of Donor Appreciation
Big Cat Rescue

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